Welcome to Connecting With Autism, where we believe that play is the doorway to true social development for children with autism. Our innovative approach proves that every parent can help their child develop real and lasting social skills. We provide specialized online and in-person training that will teach you how to play with your child in ways you never have before. This, in our opinion, is the best way to cultivate lasting social development. Our program provides a long list of benefits, including improved interaction with your child, increased eye contact, and more effective communication. Most importantly, our course helps you create a deeper relationship with your child. We do more than just you give you the tools; we show you how to use them.

"Friendship and love is the greatest healing therapy"
-Hubert H. Humphries

Play. Connect. Grow.
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• Access to professional support
• A place for you to build a team around your child
• Tools for organizing your program
• Affordable online training courses
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Our program will help you to:

• Build a strong social foundation for your child
• Increase your child's eye contact
• Improve non-verbal communication
• Develop your child's language
• Set child-specific goals
• Deepen your relationship with your child
• Maintain your well being
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Using play to teach non-verbal communication!

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